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Smokin Swine BBQ Sauce

Smokin' Swine Ultimate Grill Master Collection

Smokin' Swine Ultimate Grill Master Collection

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Introducing the Ultimate Grill Master Collection: Get ready to turn up the flavor on your grilling game with our handpicked selection of 4 lip-smacking BBQ sauces and 11 tantalizing dry rubs. Imagine sinking your teeth into the irresistible Sweet and Smokey sauce, or feeling the sizzle of Sweet Heat on your taste buds. Ever tasted the sunrise? Carolina Sunrise sauce brings a burst of vibrant flavors, while the bold Bourby sauce is here to take your taste buds on an adventure.

But hang on, there's more fun to be had – meet our crew of 11 signature dry rubs, each with a unique twist. Spice of Life adds that extra kick, Dirty Bird brings out the best in your meats, and Burger Planet is a game-changer for your burgers. Feel the chili vibes with Chili Mix, and let Divine Bovine and Attack of the Killer Garlic weave their magic.

Explore the sweet and smoky heights of Out of This World (Honey Chipotle), add a zing with Pepper Pig, and infuse life into your grilling with Prime of Life. And don't forget the Wild Game Rub – it's your ticket to wild, bold flavors.

This isn't just a combo – it's your passport to a flavor-packed journey that'll have your grill and taste buds dancing in delight. Elevate your grill skills and dive into a world of taste with our BBQ Sauce and Rub Master Collection. Your culinary adventure starts now!


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